The Mom Of Many Shapes - Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is indeed a girl of many shapes. Born in July 10th, 1980, Jessica’s signature has been nominated for an award in the TFF Awards this year, in another shape of Jessica Simpsons. Jessica, an actress, recording artist, fashion designer and television personality-rose to fame in 1999 has risen to become one of the most celebrated stars in Hollywood.

She is a mother of two kids- daughter Maxwell born in 2012 and Ace Knute Johnson who came in June 2012. Having two kids on such close proximity really had a toll on Jessica Simpson making her gain weight more rapidly and a discussion erupted between fans on who was fatter between Jessica and Kim Kardashian. It occurred that km and Jessica were pregnant at the same time. However it emerged that after her second kid she embarked on regaining her old shape. It was reported by different sites that her days of being fat are numbered.

In January 2014, she performed at JFK wearing a pair of tight leather pants as if it was in 1999 when she was starting it out. She said that she was only fifteen pounds heavier than she weighed back in 2009 when she performed on the concert dubbed mom jeans on stage. She even quipped that she is hot again; bid bye to mom jeans and reckoned leather pants evidently feeling proud of her efforts to lose some weight.

Also in September 2014, Jessica Simpsons was spotted in a night club with her fiancé Eric Johnson, looking very tipsy .Sure she had taken some booze but she looked very hot. The presence of Eric Johnson proved that theirs was not the normal one night relationships we are used to in Hollywood. Jessica pre-wedding took place on May 2014 where she treated her wedding guests at one of the best resorts in California, Guests enjoying karaoke and a live band performance. Later she posted her photo on instagram looking very hot captioning her new name Jessica Johnson